Air Jordan 13 History of Flight – AJ’s Fall Collection Roundup

Air Jordan 13 History of Flight

Officially part of Air Jordan’s Fall Collection for 2017, the Air Jordan 13 History of Flight will be available in regular sizes and GS sizes so everyone in the family can actually have a pair of these kicks. Here’s what you can look forward to with the shoes:

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight
Size Run: Mens, Grade School
Color: White/Metallic Silver-University Red
Style Code: 414574-103
Release Date: July 22, 2017
Price: $140

Product Style and Colors

Offering a combination of white and red, the Air Jordan 13 History of Flight makes it incredibly easy to stand out against the crowd. The shoes are primarily done in white with red being limited to the edgings of the kicks. You’ll find it as an accent on the mouth and along the outsole of the shoes, beautifully framing the pure white color in between.

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

A dash of black zigzags on the center of the shoes, creating a beautifully contrast against the stark white. While the Air Jordan 13 History of Flight could easily pull off white shoelaces, the black colored ones seem to create a better look for the shoes. Of course, there’s also the fact that black laces are incredibly easy to find in stores today and thus would be easy to replace.

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

Icons are limited to the center of the tongue and along the heel-side of the shoes. The Jumpman logo is embroidered in greyscale and slightly smaller than the typical size of the image. Still, the white background makes it very easy to spot the design no matter how you look. Another marble-like design of the Jumpman is done on the side, placing an eye-catching island amongst the sea of white leather.

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the white color is completely boring. While Air Jordan used minimal contrasting colors, they made good use of depth and texture to add some variety on the shoes. A large part of the quarter panel displays a textured “dimple” surface while certain portions overlap against each other, creating depth and thickness for the overall design.

As mentioned, the outsole is primarily done in a slim shade of red, but the midsole are done in perfect white. Flip the shoes over and you’ll see a sea of red with just enough ridges to improve the shoe’s grip.

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

Product Release and Price

The shoes will be available for $190 with a release date of July 22, 2017. This means that you only have a short time to wait until you can happily buy these kicks off selected AJ stores. The GS versions are cheaper at $140 per pair with a similar release date.

For more exciting news about new Jordans, head on over to our Jordan Release 2017 page.

Air Jordan 13 GS History of Flight

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