NIKEiD PG 1 – 6 Colorways, 1 Silhouette

Nike PG 1

Let’s forget the Air Jordan line for a minute and focus on the NikeiD releases 2017. In particular, you might want to take a good look at the NIKEiD PG 1 which is the first Paul George signature shoe, making this a sure favorite that will be repeated for years to come. If you’re a fan, you might want to be one of the first few in line for this eye-catching pair.

Nike PG 1

Colors and Style

The NIKEiD PG 1 comes in different colors and design, depending on your personal preferences. You can even customize some of them to guarantee that you’ll be the only one wearing this exact pair of shoes. Of course, that might cost a little more – but that’s the price of being unique.

Nike PG 1

The silhouette itself looks good from any angle. The vamp is made of breathable mesh while the soles are made of resilient rubber. Laces are available for the kicks but there’s also a strap material on the front, adding some tightening effect on the shoes to guarantee that it stays on. The silhouette also displays a Swoosh logo along the quarter panel and the unmistakable Paul George icon on the tongue.

Nike PG 1

There are a total of six NIKEiD PG 1 colorway options available for the shoes. By far, the most prominent and eye-catching one is the fish-scaled surface with an iridescent purple color that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. This particular style makes use of black as a contrasting color for the rest of the shoes and a translucent green for the outsole and the Swoosh logo.

Nike PG 1

If you prefer a more traditional design however, there’s the black-white-gold option with the vamp done in white and the Swoosh done in gold. There’s also the white-gold colorway where the body of the shoes is done in white and the Swoosh is kept metallic gold.

Still looking classy but veering off the traditional are the red, blue, and dark blue colors. The Red NIKEiD PG 1 is contrasted with blue and white for a classic eye-catching appeal. You can opt for a darker shade of Blue combined with grey and orange for the Swoosh. If you prefer something brighter however, there’s the skyblue, grey, and white color combination.

Nike PG 1

Product Price and Release

They’re available NOW so feel free to check out your closest NIKEiD stores and see if they have the PG 1 in their line. You can also try buying online if you wish to further personalize these kicks. As for the price, you can have them for just $155 – making them wonderfully cheaper than the typical Air Jordan pair. Of course, that’s not to say that the NIKEiD PG 1 is better than the well-loved AJ. In terms of quality, both are vouched for by top brand Nike so it really comes down to personal preferences.

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