Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls – Rebel with a Cause

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

It’s tough not to stare at the new Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls as they hit the market this year. Forget the Air Jordan kicks – the Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls is the pair you want if you’re looking for classy with a touch of edge. As name implies, this particular kicks is a rebel from any angle.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls
Size Run: Mens
Style Code: 538416-008
Release Date: September, 2017

Design and Colors

An edgy combination of black and white, the Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls happily displays skulls on the center of the tongue using a slim line of thread that stands out against the black background of the kicks.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

The whole body is done in basic black with the soles kept pristine white, making for an excellent contrast between the two colors. The overall vibe is far from boring however as the Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls makes use of varying texture to make these shoes stand out. While there are definitely portions of smooth straight leather, you’ll also find mesh parts, allowing for a cool combination of leather and cloth.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

Wavy lines also flow along the kicks, adding some depth into the overall design. To wrap it up is a Swoosh logo along the side-heel portion of the kicks, done in what appears to be a silver-ish white hue. The logo is small enough to be tasteful but big enough to get notice, especially since it displays a highly different coloring from the rest of the shoes.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

From the back, you can see a patch of silver with the logo NIKE AIR beautifully printed on the surface. The icon’s color is the same with the rest of the patch, letting it beautifully blend with the silver. Does this make it hard to see? Not really as the icon is big enough to catch the eye.

As mentioned, the tongue displays a cool Skull icon amidst a black background. The tongue itself is done completely in black with laces that are of the same dark shade. Note though – the laces have some dotted white design, making it a little different from your typical black laces.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

Product Release

The shoes are set for a September 2017 release so there’s still time if you want to add them to your collection. You can reserve the shoes in your favorite Nike store or simply make sure that you’re one of the first few in line as soon as they hit the shelves. Price tag for these kicks are at $170 which isn’t that bad considering the typical cost of AJ shoes in the market today.

Nike Air Max 95 Rebel Skulls

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