Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink – School Grade Lookers

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

Yes, you read it right. Air Jordan’s latest release is named Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink, making it one of the coolest releases for kids today. Suffice it to say, grade school students who will be showing up in class wearing these will definitely be getting lots of attention.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink
Color: Black/Deadly Pink-White
Style Code: 440892-029
Release Date: August 5, 2017
Price: $140

Design and Colors

Don’t let the name “Deadly Pink” fool you – the Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink is not completely done in a shocking shade of pink. In fact, the official colors used are black, white, and the bright pink shade.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

The majority of the shoes however are covered by black rather than pink. In fact, pink occupies just a small part of the kicks. Does this mean the name is misleading? Not really. Thanks to the contrasting colors of black and white, the hot shade of pink jumps out of the shoes so that it’s literally the first thing you notice when you check out the Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink design.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

The soles are done in clean white, the pink forming a dragon pattern that slashes across the lower-middle portion of the kicks. The same pink color can also be seen as an accent to the tongue. The outsole is done in a translucent shade of violet.

The Jumpman logo is done in black – which seems to be a waste of the “Deadly Pink” name. Still, it adds to the overall quality of the kicks, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a Jumpman logo on the back of the shoes.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

Laces are done in basic black and a transparent lace lock pulls off the whole ensemble.

Produce Price and Release

The kicks are set for an August 5 release 2017. That’s just a short time away so you might want to start saving now to make sure you’re first in line when you get these shoes. Of course, the fact that they’re available for GS may hinder your plans to own one of these babies. Better luck next time for the guys who happen to like the colorway. If you’re buying it for your girlfriend however – there’s a slight chance you’ll be able to find one her size. If you’re the parent of a little girl – theAir Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink might make for an excellent school gift.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

As for the price – we’re not sure yet. Air Jordan hasn’t released a price for this pair, but there’s every hope that it won’t be more than the average $150 for the GS line.

This is only among the new Jordans that are set to come out on the market. Visit our Air Jordan 2017 page.

Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink

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