Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo– Light Bone Colors

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

When checking out the new Jordans 2017, you can’t help but take a good look at the Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress “Camo” and the unbelievably top-blending of the silhouette colors. As the name implies, the shoes are inspired by the Camo shades, but with slightly more personality.

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo
Color: Black/Light Bone
Style Code: 919710-030
Release Date: September 16, 2017
Price: $160

Product Design and Colors

The official colors for the Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress “Camo” are black and light bone. While black is something you can easily picture, light bone is a little too new to conjure in your mind. Suffice it to say, the camo look is strong in this one with the “bone” part a little less obvious.

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

What you can expect however is a beautifully blending of camo colors which are essentially different shades of green combined with bits of white. From the pictures, it also appears as though there are shade of color that closely resemble gold rather than green.

Despite the fact that the color combinations are a little harder to pinpoint, there is no question that the overall vibe of the shoes are attractive. For this design, Air Jordan didn’t just use classic military colors but also combined a layering approach that added depth to the kicks.

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

The tongue follows the same overall color pattern and displays a beautiful Jumpman icon right on its center. The shoes are completed by greyish shoelaces with a transparent lace lock. The Jumpman icon can also be seen on the heels, embroidered onto the material and done in a shade of grey that allows it to stand out from the background. Flip the shoes and you have got another Jumpman icon, this one a little clearer.

The midsole are done in pristine white with a bit of metallic edging. To wrap up the whole design is a grey outsole, thick enough to make an impression and cap off the Camo look.

All in all, it’s a fairly appealing piece. With the neutral colors, it can easily appeal to female buyers – provided that there is a size available for them, of course.

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

Price and Jordan Release 2017

The shoes should be available by September 16 this year. If you love this design, that should give you a little more time to save up and make sure you’re the first in line once they hit the shelves. You might not have to save much though! The good news is that the Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress “Camo” only costs $160 – making it one of the cheaper models in the market today.

Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress Camo

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