Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid – Oreo with Burnt Orange

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

It is hard to picture exactly what burnt orange looks like, but Adidas managed to nail the look completely with their brand new Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid. As the name suggests, the kicks are laceless – allowing for a perfect, no non-sense fit.

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

Product Design and Style

There is no prominent color with the Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid as practically everything looks “just right” in terms of depth and shade. You will find that there are equal portions of black and white added into the shoes, creating a beautiful knitted texture. Along the center is the burnt orange the shoes are eventually named for. In case, you are wondering, burnt orange is simply a combination of black and orange. While the color combination is not exactly pivotal, it definitely adds a hint of rebellion with the shoes.

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

No laces to speak of – the mouth of the kicks offer a garterized consistency, allowing them to hug the ankles tightly and prevent the shoes from falling off in lieu of the laces.

Even without a tongue however, adidas manages to add their logo on the kicks, easily placed along the mouth portion. The icon is small and comes with black shading, making it look elegant and inconspicuous amidst the light-dark pattern of the kicks.

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

Along the soles you can also see the Ultra Boost marking, signifying the shoe line where the kicks belong. The soles themselves are done in simple white with grey beautifully lining the edge as an outsole. All in all, its looks good with a touch of class that exudes from every corner of the kicks.

The question is – are the shoes worth it? Adidas has never failed to disappoint before and it’s safe to say that the Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid meets every buyer’s expectation. Not just classically simple, but you can instantly tell that these kicks are made to be as light as a feather.

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

Price and Release

The shoes are ready for release with the kicks available on the shelves on August 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the price for the shoes is still up in the air – which means that you’ll have to come prepared once they hit the market. Typical Ultra Boost models cost anywhere between $170 and $200 so just make sure you have those when the time for release come.

adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

Of course, there’s the chance that you don’t like the shoes at all in which case, you can try checking out other Adidas Ultra Boost releases in the market today.

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