Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle “Promo Jacket” – Saturday Night Live 1991

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

Sometimes, it’s a complete mystery how Air Jordan comes up with their brand new colorways and sometimes the answer is right there for everyone to see. Fortunately, it’s the latter as the Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle “Promo Jacket” is inspired by Michael Jordan’s Saturday Night Live monologue where he wore the exact same color and material way back in 1991. Today, the Promo Jacket is one of the most awaited release from the AJ line.

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket
Color: Palm Green/Palm Green-Black
Style Code: AH4614-303
Release Date: September 1, 2017
Price: $225

Product Colors and Design

The official colors for the shoes are palm green and black. However, there’s actually a dash of translucent white along the outsoles of the shoes, making for an excellent contrast against the palm green coloring.

Of the two dominant colors, palm green takes up most of the body of the shoes. The black are primarily used as accents along the tongue, the sides, and the mouth of the kicks.

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

Does this make the shoes boring? Not really as the palm green is beautifully combined with a pattern distinctive of the Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle silhouette. You can see a net pattern along the quarter panel and a layering technique that allows for a combination of texture and depth.

The tongue follows the same coloring with the distinctive Air Jordan logo on the center. The logo appears to be embedded onto the material, essentially making it an integral part of the leather. On the top are the words AIR JORDAN.

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

Another Jumpman logo can be found on the back of the shoes. The icon follows the same color of palm green so they don’t really jump out of the material. It might have looked better if the icon is done in black so that it’s distinctive. Still, the overall look is fine enough as it is.

The laces are a bit disappointing however. They’re made of the same palm green coloring which actually looks good as it beautifully blends with the shoes. However, it’s usually better to use generic colored shoelaces – just in case you lose the originals. This way, replacing them would be easy.

A black lace lock with the Air Jordan logo pulls off the whole look.

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

Product Price and Release

The Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle “Promo Jacket” is set for September 1 release. That’s just a short time from now so better make your decision quickly. If you’re not a fan of the overall look however, you can always check out other models out in the market today. There’s an Air Jordan 5 “Camo” set for release on the same month so you might want to take a good look at that one.

As for the price – the Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle “Promo Jacket” has a tag of $225, making it slightly beyond the typical cost of AJ kicks. Of course, if you want the pair, the price shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Promo Jacket

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