Air Jordan 16 CEO – An Ode to the Hornets

Air Jordan 16 CEO

Inspired by the Hornets, these new Jordan’s are definitely kicking up a fuss in the market with their futuristic design and colors. The kicks are built clean and solid with a “look at me” vibe in every angle.

Air Jordan 16 CEO

Air Jordan 16 CEO
Style Code: AA1253-016
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Price: $250

Colors and Design

The official colors for the Air Jordan 16 CEO are teal and purple which can be a little tough to imagine. With the images however, you should see exactly what the Air Jordan team is talking about.

What will strike you most about these kicks are the clean lines, especially along the top portion. There are no shoelaces that mess up the top portion but rather, a clean flap-like covering that adds dimension to the shoes. The shroud is removable and reveals a black interior. The vamp is a clean slate of teal or essentially a colour that seems to beautifully combine black and blue with just the tiniest hint of green. Suffice it to say, the colour combination is striking without being too loud.

Air Jordan 16 CEO

Iridescent design is placed along the toe box and the midsole while the Jumpman logo is beautifully placed along the side where the flaps end. Creating a bit of texture, there’s a vertical line of what appears to be beadwork along the side of the kicks. Across the heel is a different kind of textured material that beautifully interrupts the smooth design of the body.

From the back, there’s just the smallest hint of a Jumpmang logo. Green accents also line the side work of the kicks, essentially framing the dark body of the shoes.

Air Jordan 16 CEO

Flip them backwards and the bottom part and you’ll be confronted with the simplicity of the design in its black and green coloring. The outsole is translucent with some greenish hue trapped within the midsole.

All in all, it’s a fairly good design for a pair of shoes that recognized MJ’s new position as CEO of the Charlotte Hornets. By itself, however, the Air Jordan 16 CEO is an excellent choice especially since it gives off the vibe of a classic.

Air Jordan 16 CEO

Product Price and Release

This new Jordan release in 2017 should be out by October 20, giving you just enough time to decide whether these are the kicks for you. The price tag is set at $250 which makes it a tad more expensive than the typical Air Jordan shoes. Not really surprising considering how the overall feel of the kicks is unique in itself. Make a point of checking them out as soon as they hit the stands.

Watch out for other new Jordans.

Air Jordan 16 CEO

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