The Air Max 1 “Obsidian” is the epitom of everything great about Nike

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

Concept behind the Air Max 1 “Obsidian”

The first Air Max edition touched down upon the ever eventful runway that is the sneakers industry in 1987 ushering in a new age of shoemaking with its revolutionary air cushioning technology that would prove the turning point for Nike. Fast forward 30 years on, and the Nike brand is doing better than ever thanks in no small part to pioneers like the Air Max.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian
Size Run: Mens
Style Code: 908375-104
Release Date:December 15,2017

The air max collection has since undergone quite a bit of remodeling with a number of alterations hitting the market over the years. This year, as a bid to pay another homage to the maiden brands of yesteryears particularly the Air Max, Nike has sought to bring back the OG colorway with stunning releases of revised versions.

And that’s how the Air Max 1 “Obsidian” came into being. The sneakers serve to be a stylish remembrance of those that came before it and paved the way for success. It marks the 30th anniversary since the OG sneakers first entered the fray.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

Design Features

The Air Max 1 “Obsidian” tells the tale of vibrant colors blending in together to put on a gorgeous display. Its colorway is in line with that of the first air max with the sneakers incorporating the lineage’s traditional elegant white and crimson red. The latter is the sneaker’s predominant color scheme with it taking most of the upper body canvas save for the light grey shade winding around the side and the face of the tongue.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

Prior to the summit white midsole, an obsidian black shade runs throughout the shoe’s circumference offering a mesmerizing break to the monotony of the white. The base of the sole is a true work of art as it incorporates a white center separated on either side by a wavy black. Also, the sole consists of a perfect conglomeration of padded and line designs that bring out the best of the two colors in stunning fashion. A dash of scarlet graces the front of the bottom and it continues through to a minute height of the midsole.

Apart from the classy black tick icon on the side of the sneakers, another company trademark resides at the top of the tongue and the back of the heel in the form of a vivid red “Nike Air Max” moniker. A white alteration of the label also inhabits the medial part of the red insole.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

Pricing and release date

While an array of speculated Nike release dates have only served to muddy the waters, the Air Max 1 “Obsidian” is officially slated for market release on the 15th of December 2017 with a retail price tag of $ 140.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Obsidian

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