A true beaty is reincarnated in the Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

Theme of the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Reverse Banned”

The Jordan maestros have been at it again, playing with colorways gone past in a bid to come up with a new look that keeps the finesse of the parent lineage albeit with a touch of much-welcomed innovation. And their dissection table has featured prominently the Air Jordan 1 variety with the Air Jordan 1 Mid, in particular, taking up the “next patient” slot under the knife.
Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned
Style Code: 554724-601
Price: $110

So after a bit of tweaking and experimentation the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Reverse Banned” was born with it borrowing a lot of aspects from its inspiration model although with a bit of role-reversing in the color spectrum.

Design Specifications

The Air Jordan 1 Mid “Reverse Banned” make up is composed primarily of tumbled leather whose color scheme is a combination of the black toe motif synonymous with the Jordan 1 and a timeless Red pairing. Unlike its predecessor the Air Jordan 1 Mid where black took up the great majority of the shoe’s colorway with red playing second fiddle, the tables are turned this time around with red commanding the lion’s share thereby earning it the sobriquet “Reverse Banned”.
Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned
Apart from the toe area, these new Jordans also incorporate a host of sparkling black patches that are spread out alluringly throughout the heel area with a touch of similarly colored trademark logos donning the slightly darker red of the sides. A white midsole gracefully separates the enthralling red residing on either side of the divide.

The insole continues the recurring red theme albeit with a miniature white walkman defiantly poised near the edge. A black version also stakes claim to the top of the tongue bringing down the curtains on the upper body display in slick fashion.
Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned
While the outsole is engulfed by the darkness of the overflowing red, there is nothing subtle about the bottom which features a mix of artistic imprints. The front half consists of a ripple pattern separated by a snow cone group of line contours that pierces through the middle of the circle to one end. The second half, on the other hand, has a beautiful pin and box combo with a host of line depressions working their way around the core.
Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned
Pricing and release date

While the new Jordans are already obtainable in a few select retailers in Asia, they are not yet available in the United States. Despite there being no word on the official Jordan release date, the sneakers are set to hit the Nike website any day now. One aspect, however, is a certainty: the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Reverse Banned” will retail at $ 110.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

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