Jordan Future

Design concept

Jordan has been working round the clock to come up with a host of premium luxury shoes over the years and the Jordan Future PURE PLATINIUM/PURE PLATINIUM is yet another entry into the affordable “high end” category. The design is inspired by the traditional woven crafting synonymous with the classy sneakers of yesteryears albeit with a touch of futurist material outlook that seeks to tap into the metallic theme of the digital edge. The Pure Platinium is basically a two-toned edition that earns its name from the pure platinum theme it adheres to.
Jordan Future

Jordan Future
Release Date: January 6, 2018

Sneakers’ features

The sneakers’ color coding stays true to the “Pure Platinium” sobriquet as the shoe in its entirety incorporates the metallic grayish pale white from the metal that inspired its design. The Jordan Future PURE PLATINIUM/PURE PLATINIUM might tap into just a single color scheme but the devil is in the detail with these sneakers.

Jordan sought to add a bit of design diversity to make up for the domineering silver that silhouettes just about every part of the shoe from the top to bottom and this ingenuity is at its best at the shoes top half. The woven upper body consists of checkered and enticing silver with the dark shades alternating enthralling with the lighter strokes to provide a bit of much-welcomed flair. The display culminates in a slick pair of symmetrical laces whose tips are laced with a dash of sparkly polished silver that tones up the clean hue beautifully.
Jordan Future
The midsole offers a seamless transition to a lighter alteration of the alluring silver as it features a threaded pattern that wraps around the shoe’s perimeter gorgeously. It paves way for a translucent outsole that takes up a good part of the midsole as well with it intruding up to the tip of the toe area. The wavy bottom is home to a pair of paw-like threaded portions that stick above the surface all the while sandwiching a bare visibly Jumpman logo that hides beneath the ocean of milky white

A miniature white Jumpan also lays siege to the visible end of the pale grey insole adding that elegant Air Jordan finishing touch that is never missing in the trademark brand.

Pricing and release date

These new Jordans are set to open the curtains on the Jordan release 2018 show as the sneakers are slated for a January release with the official debut date scheduled for the 6th of the said month. $150 is the price tag to match to get your hands on this classy set of Jordans.

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