The Jordan Future BLACK/BLACK-WHITE-METALLIC GOLD is set to dazzle

Jordan Future

Design concept

The “Jordan future” collection encompasses a brand of luxury sportswear that is meant to herald the revolution and the dawn of a new technological age and this year the bloodline gets a bit of remodeling with a pair of new Jordans that carry on the digital theme.
Jordan Future

Jordan Future
Release Date: January 6, 2018

Just like the Pure Platinium, the Jordan Future BLACK/BLACK-WHITE-METALLIC GOLD also channels the metallic coding of a lone metal albeit with a few touches of variations. These new Jordans draw a lot of design inspiration from the Air Jordan 11 that is said to have had a hand in determining the outlook of the “Jordan future” models.

Design Features

The upper body is strikingly similar to that of its cousin (Pure Platinium) with it also featuring a checkered pattern but instead of silver, an endearing black takes up the mantle as the dominant shade this time around. The woven top consists of asymmetrical lacing, which has often been the recurring theme of shoes of the present age, that ends up in shiny metal aglets that reside on either side of the tongue’s front end that features a minute elegant gold Jumpan.
Jordan Future
The midsole offers a beautiful sharp contrast to the enchanting black with it incorporating the exact opposite shade of vibrant white the compliments the outlook quite splendidly. The eye-catching white takes a lap around the shoe’s circumference, protruding slyly at the epicenter of the heel area.

Proceeding further south, a revitalized dark grey outsole engulfs a minority of the midsole perimeter before running on to the bottom where the translucent threaded base silhouettes a vibrant Jumpan perfectly. A duo of artistic threaded parts claims the uninhabited regions either side of the Air Jordan trademark providing a stylish alteration to the deep threads of the adjacent background.

An exquisite collar, complete with a subtle tag that disappears into the dark background of the exterior, ushers in the dark inside that is home to a similarly colored insole that is sparked to life by a defiant Jumpan that sticks out at the front end. Basically, the Jordan Future BLACK/BLACK-WHITE-METALLIC incorporates a trio of color options with gold, black and white blended in spectacular fashion across the architecture.

When are they out and how much will they cost?

The market spotlight shines on the first month of the new year with 6th the reserved date with destiny. The Jordan Future BLACK/BLACK-WHITE-METALLIC offers a memorable way to kick off the Jordan release 2018 exhibition and on the retail front, the expected price tag is placed at $ 160.

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