Nike at it again with the inspired Nike Zoom Fly SP

Nike Zoom Fly SP

Design Concept

Nike has been very hands-on when it comes to engineering the perfect sportswear for long races and famous marathons the globe over and at the heart of their success lies a groundbreaking initiative labeled breaking2 from which design inspirations are made.
Nike Zoom Fly SP

Nike Zoom Fly SP
Size Run:Mens
Color:Neutral Indigo/Neutral Indigo
Style Code:AA3172-500
Release Date:January 4,2018

The Nike Zoom Fly SP is another edition yet weaved off this yarn and its inception goes a long way in achieving the lightweight and efficient tag that has become one of the giant shoemaker’s greatest selling points.

Design features

The newest alteration of the Nike Zoom Fly SP comes with a remastered vibrant exterior that is crafted with the right amount of color-coding and igneous comfort technology. The partly translucent upper body encompasses a slick silvery white background coupled with a subtle silhouetting orange that blend together seamlessly.
Nike Zoom Fly SP
Above this multicolored canvas, artistically laid-out purple stripes race around the shoe’s edges on either side preceding a similarly colored giant Swoosh that provides the trademark finishing touch. Also imbued with alluring details is the back end of the heel area that consists of eye hole-esque imprints between which a dark blue streak runs on to a striking purple contour. In the midst of one of the openings lies a purple “8888” that finishes the design accents quite gorgeously.
Nike Zoom Fly SP
The insole is consumed by a shouting shade of orange that is home to contrastingly colored trademark imprints in the form of a Swoosh and a racing tag that epitomizes the purpose for which the Nike Zoom Fly SP was built. A few inches above it is a perforated slick plastic tongue that consists of an alluring intertwined set of dark laces and a splendid Nike Moniker.

The white midsole is not only candy to the eye but also contains a special absorptive padding technology that propels you forward with each stride thereby ensuring you expend less energy with each step. Completing the display is a beautifully patched silvery outsole that sneaks on to the front edge and consists of artistically inspired line patterns confined to the various islands of the enchanting white.
Nike Zoom Fly SP
Date to mark and the price to match

Just a few days to go for all ye Nike lovers as Nike release dates 2018 pinpoint the 4th of January next year as the official retail date. Pricing, on the other hand, is expected to be along the line of $ 150 and this new edition will be exclusively available across select retailers countrywide.

Nike Zoom Fly SP

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