The Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal does its name justice

Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal

Theme of the Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal

The Air Jordan team has been burning the midnight oil to bring back to life the mummies of successful, and not so successful alike, brands gone by in recent years with the Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal next up for a bit of revitalized reincarnation.
Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal

Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal
Color: White/Sport Royal-White-Metallic Silver
Style Code: AA2494-106
Release Date: January 22, 2018
Price: $225

The giant shoemaker seeks to remove the cobwebs from the AJ18 closet by bringing back the model that enjoyed success from the moment it debuted almost a year and a half ago. These new Jordans are the end product of a bit of remastering that saw the new variation arise from the ashes of the phoenix of the AJ18 edition before it.

Design features

The entire upper body is consumed by a silky, tender yet enthralling brand of white leather that is paired quite delightfully by Silver accents and Sport Royal finishing which spruces up the laid-back appearance of this vintage OG. The Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal incorporates an ingenious lace feature that includes the traditional white over black lace pairing albeit with an angelic white shroud that consists of a deep blue underbelly that is home to a contrastingly colored Jordan logo.
Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal
The shroud integrates into the exterior seamlessly keeping the laces out of view and enabling it to achieve that overall clean suede look. A silvery “23” embroidery emerges when buttoned up pairing the sparkly miniature jumpman at the tail end of the shroud gorgeously. Capping off the upper body display is a pair of flaps near the collar side that reveal a plethora of vibrant pink curls atop a chain mill-esque background.

The midsole, on the other hand, is imbued with an enchanting streak of reflective blue that partially overlaps around the circumference save for the white at the front and back that overflows from the upper body. The front edge is decorated with a groovy lemniscate symbol while the rear is home to artistically laid out square imprints that reside above a subtle Jordan logo of contrasting blue.

Rounding off the look further south is a wavy thread patterned outsole that consists of two islands of white separated in the middle by an immersive blue that runs on from the midsole above.
Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal
Price to match and the date to watch

The Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal is set for a return to the market scene on the 22nd of January and will afford a memorable end to the Jordan release of the aforementioned month. The slick sportswear will be available at certain retail stores across the country with the price tag fixed at about $ 225.

Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal

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