Let loose your inner cat with the Air Jordan 13 Olive

Air Jordan 13 Olive

Design Concept

The Air Jordan 13 lineage sought to go out of the confines of the standard sportswear box as Tinker Hatfield led the revolution by fusing ordinary sneakers with animal-esque detailing. And in a year that Air Jordan have been reshuffling their cards, it was only a matter of time before the Air Jordan 13 also saw remastering comes its way.
Air Jordan 13 Olive

Air Jordan 13 Olive
Size Run:Full Family Size
Color: Black/True Red-Light Olive
Style Code: 414571-006
Release Date: January 20,2018
Price: $190

The traditional structure of the AJ 13 was somewhat maintained but the maestros at the company tore up the conventional color book of its predecessor instead opting for an olive and black patterning hence how the Air Jordan 13 Olive was born. It brings back the ingenious OG colorway with a dash of refreshing remastery.
Air Jordan 13 Olive
Features of the Air Jordan 13 Olive

The upper body very much resembles the coat of a black panther which inspired the entire AJ 13 lineage in the first place. However, the traditional leather exterior is this time around swapped off for a more premium earthy black suede that is complimented gorgeously by mesh accents that decorate the entire upper architecture.

For the midsole, a subtle pattern of olive, that earns these new Jordans the “olive” tag, breaks the monotony of the overflowing black quite splendidly. The olive runs on through to the heel area where it takes up a great deal of the existing space forming a stylish pattern with the bordering black. A vibrant emerald detailing dons the top edge of the collar region and is a tribute to the sparkly eerie eye of the big cat that inspired its design.
Air Jordan 13 Olive
The outsole also taps into the recurring big cat theme as it takes after the animal’s foot with its paw-like outlook that resembles the underbelly of the animal’s paw. And to spruce up the base, a dash of olive also breathes a bit of life to the achromatic color scheme that consumes the bottom.

The insole, on the other hand, also continues the olive and black pairing that is on show throughout the shoe’s composition with red accents rounding off the display in the form of artful branding trademarks such as a slick Jordan logo at the base of the tongue and the miniature Jumpan atop it.
Air Jordan 13 Olive
Date to watch and price to match

Word on the street pits the Air Jordan 13 Olive for the latter stages of the January Jordan release 2018 with an official release date rumored to be on the 22nd of next month. Pricing is expected to be somewhere along the lines of $ 180.

Air Jordan 13 Olive

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