Gold, gold and more gold in the Air Jordan 1 gold crystals

Air Jordan 1 gold crystals

Design Concept

Air Jordan has been in the headlines for all the right reasons this past year and a good part of the current one as well with their line of exquisite sportswear turning heads the world over. And at the heart of their success have been fruitful partnerships between big names in the fashion, art and sports industry alike.
Air Jordan 1 gold crystals

And that trend is set to continue as the most toyed with AJs i.e. the Air Jordan 1 is yet taken under the artistic knife once again to whip up an extremely classy pair of Jordans that are fit for a king. The Air Jordan 1 gold crystals are a product engineered by a renowned artist in Daniel Jacobs and tell the tale of artistically construed elegance personified in all its glory. Jacobs is a master of the crystal-covered arts and this time he partnered with the giant shoemaker to fuse his unrivalled skills with one of the company’s vintage brands.

Features of the Air Jordan 1 gold crystals

If there was ever an Air Jordan model that impressed fans, then the Air Jordan 1 gold crystals will simply blow them out of the water as it ventures into rarely explored territory by incorporating real gold crystals, 15,000 of them to be specific, into its design composition. The upper body is showered with particles of an endearing gold variety that consists of various shades of the color tone that alternate mesmerizingly across the entire surface of the exterior.
Air Jordan 1 gold crystals
Everything on the upside of the sneakers, laces included, is dazed in gold and the Air Jordan trademarks are brought to life by dark border imprints that vividly depict a large swoosh by the side of the tongue. A winged NBA crest logo, however, departs from the recurring theme instead channeling a mirror-esque polished gold look that simply oozes nothing but class.

The interior of these new Jordans is perhaps more defiant as it incorporates an enchanting shade of white that pairs the sparkly gold layering quite spectacularly while gorgeously affording the look some elegant diversity. The same goes for the relatively subtle white midsole and the alluringly patterned outsole that includes a conventional AJ 1 base. To complete the look is a pair of polished tags at the midrib of both heels with one paying tribute to Jordan and his favorite Jersey while the other, simply brandished a 1985 label, recognizing the superstar’s feats for the said year.
Air Jordan 1 gold crystals
Date to watch and the price to match

The Jordan release 2018 program indicates that the Air Jordan 1 gold crystals should be out any day now with the price tag set at a whopping $ 6, 500!

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