Beauty personified in the Air Jordan 10 I’m Back

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

Design Concept

The Air Jordan line of sneakers has primarily told the tale of a legend’s journey throughout an often glamorous but also challenging career of basketball. This time around these new Jordans target a chapter of Michael Jordan’s career when it actually seemed that he would never don an NBA Jersey ever again. He hung up his boots back in 1993, however, two years later he had a change of heart and sought to return to do what he does best sighting that he still had some unfinished business to take care of in the game.

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

Air Jordan 10 I’m Back
Style Code: 310805-104
Release Date: March 18, 2018
Price: $190

Jordan returned in splendid fashioning taking the league in a seamless legendary manner as if he hadn’t been away for even a day. And thus how the concept of the Air Jordan 10 “I’m Back” came into being. They serve to commemorate the unexpected comeback, almost two decades ago, that would later go down in folklore history.

Features of the Air Jordan 10 “I’m Back”

These new sneakers ooze nothing but class and masterful design at its best with the entire shoe channeling an obsidian and Summit-white color scheme pairing. This takes effect in the form of a white leather upper that consumes the entire upside outlook right down to the midsole and beyond save for the island of bewitching black that engulfs the tongue and its premises.

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

The insole, however, breathes a touch of crimson to the architecture and also includes a nostalgic tag across the edge of the collar that spells out the exact date in history that MJ made his unexpected turnaround. Wavy patterns offer some diversity to the domineering yet endearing white shade of the upside that overflows on to the beautiful outsole.

The outsole is also another work of art as it encompasses alluring patterns each bordering imprints that highlight the superstar’s greatest achievements in the game in artistic fashion. To add the company’s touch while breaking the monotony, a coal shaded Jumpan completes the bottom look near the posterior edge while more company accents round of the display in the form of another subtle Jumpan at the heel’s end and a laid back Air Jordan wording atop the face of the tongue.

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

Date to watch and the price to match

The Air Jordan 10 “I’m Back” is slated to hit retail shelves in the Spring particularly on the 18th of March proving yet another slick stopover on the long intriguing journey that is the Jordan release 2018. The price tag has also been set at $ 190.

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

Air Jordan 10 I'm Back

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