The Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement is simply divine

Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement


The Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement is another of the many successful brands that are set for a reincarnation on the Jordan release 2018 operating table. Air Jordan is fond of bringing back the vintage brands that dominated the scene back in the days and these new Jordans are in for a similar fate with a wave of remastering set to come its way.
Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement

Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement
Color: Black/Cement Grey/White-Fire Red
Style Code: 854262-001
Release Date: February 17, 2018
Price: $200

It’s a new first for the sneakers as never before has any of the black cement 3s predecessors been embedded with any Nike Branding since the turn of the millennium with the last such sneaker customization coming way back in 2001. This has made it an eagerly anticipated release as fans simply cannot wait to see the new OG alteration.
Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement
Sneakers Outlook

The gorgeous upper is a stunning combination of beauty and elegance as it features alluringly tumbled obsidian leather that takes turns with a cement grey shade that compliments the former charmingly. The grey takes over the surrounding region around the tongue beautifully demarcating the coal laces that intertwine across the interface splendidly. And along the bottom of the foot area, a dashed of black strip-accented grey takes residence as is the case on either sides of the heel’s base where a similar contour wraps around the perimeter connecting both ends.
Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement
The Nike Air touch comes in the form of a dashing white moniker that dons the back of the heel while the other upper body branding comes atop the slick crimson-lined tongue in the form of a fiery red Jumpan. Moving south, a summit white midsole emerges with an endearingly black shade playing second fiddle near the posterior right above the air cushioning window.

The outsole is just as striking as the top as it features a 6-esque canvas pattern where the liveliness of the bright red is coupled to a tee by the elegance of the white with each shade residing on either side of the grey divide. Another dash of crimson near the front end rounds off the bottom display. The Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement is simply, in a word, divine.
Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement
The nitty-gritty

The Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement makes the shelves on the 17th of the 2nd month of the year and the price tag attached to it is set to read exactly $ 200. It will be available at select retails across the country makes for one memorable footwear that is set to live up to its world-class billing.

Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement

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