The New Air Jordan 1 Sage

Air Jordan 1 Sage

The year 2018 brings great promise to all and Jordan lovers couldn’t be more excited about it. Early on in the year specifically in February, Air Jordan promises to drop a new line of Jordan’s; Air Jordan 1 “Sage”.
Air Jordan 1 Sage

Air Jordan 1 Sage
Style Code: AQ7474-001
Release Date: February 7, 2018
Price: $160

The Air Jordan 1 “Sage” comes in as part of five personas recently released by the Air Jordan 1 Reimagined Collection. The collection that was designed by a team of women from Nike takes a new and creative approach to the Air Jordan 1. All five designs take a unique persona for the modern woman, they include; Sage, Jester, Explorer, Lover, and Rebel.
Air Jordan 1 Sage
Nike has given 7th of February 2018 official release date of the Air Jordan 1 “Sage” and is estimated to cost $160. This new brand of Air Jordan designed to appeal to today’s fashion forward woman is nothing like what Nike has done before. By allowing the team of designers to think outside the box, the Air Jordan 1 “Sage” has redefined the original and iconic 1. Although the Air Jordan 1’s were designed by men for male athletes the Air Jordan “Sage” is designed by an all-women team and incorporates female-centric features.

Two of the most noticeable feature of the “Sage” is its ruched heels and corset lacing.
The highly anticipated Air Jordan “Sage” will have a limited release in NYC stores before going national on the SNKRS app on 9th February 2018.
Air Jordan 1 Sage
Stunning images released by Nike showing musician Abra and Kelsey Lu (part of the designing team) show talent, diversity, and open-mindedness never seen before.

The sneaker clearly takes account of an athletic mindset and a fashion sense making it enticing to the modern woman.

Nike notes that the initial paper design was done at Blue Ribbon before heading to the fashion hub; London. The team admits to choosing this location for two reasons. Firstly, The London offices provided space to work and secondly, they had access to some of the best design pioneers.

Air Jordan 1 Sage

The making of the Air Jordan “Sage” can be defined as a mark in history and a perfect example of women empowerment. The most extraordinary thing about the designing of the Air Jordan 1 Reimagined Collection is that when the team of 14 women was brought together and given this project their brief was; “Make some cool shit in a deadline of 2 weeks.”

This they did and soon will celebrate one of the best sneakers to ever have been designed; Air Jordan “Sage.” The new Jordans will allow women to celebrate and enjoy one of the most iconic shoes that undoubtedly served as a blueprint for Nike.

Air Jordan 1 Sage

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