Female goodies continue with the Air Jordan 1 “Jester”

Air Jordan 1 Jester


The Jordan release 2018 train makes a scheduled stopover at the Air Jordan 1 “Jester” station as these new Jordans continue the giant shoemaker’s shower of female niceties that spills on over from the first month of the year. Air Jordan has been quite categorical about including the female gender in their collection as they look to demystify the notion that their line of sneakers solely targets the men. And the new sneakers are yet another epitome of their resolve to prove that their sneakers are meant for all.
Air Jordan 1 Jester

Air Jordan 1 Jester
Style Code: AO1265-100
Release Date: February 7, 2018
Price: $160

It marks another tribute going the way of women after yet another group of sneakers lead the way throughout January. The Air Jordan 1 “Jester” is nicked off the Air Jordan 1 clay and forms an important member of the “Reimagined” crew. These particular sneakers are a product of not only AJ’s effort but also an experienced and skilled female footwear design company called Jester hence the sobriquet.

Sneakers outlook

The sneakers were modeled with the image of the modern woman in mind and as such the architecture takes after the boot-esque design that has become synonymous with the female shoes of the present age. The upper body is made from clean snow-white and elegant leather that engulfs the entire upside which includes a zip entry featuring a slick Jumpan hitched to the nether end of the stylish zip.
Air Jordan 1 Jester
Classy detailing decorates this extended canvas in the form of a subtle swoosh and other lightly accented graphic line patterns that work their way around a beautifully crafted and inclined NBA winged crest that oozes of the Air Jordan touch. The toe area, donned with artistic perforations, completes the upside showing in splendid fashion.
Air Jordan 1 Jester
The midsole also continues the angelic theme albeit channeling a more vivid hue that intrudes gorgeously into the boundaries of the top claiming a good part of the monochromatic heel area as well. The insole, on the other hand, features a silvery backdrop while the extended outsole, also of the same shade as the midsole, rounds off the look alluringly. Its saw tooth architecture breathes some attitude into the laid-back base that encompasses the traditional Air Jordan 1 sole.
Air Jordan 1 Jester
The nitty-gritty

$ 160 is the price tag you ought to match if your fancy the Air Jordan 1 “Jester” which is quite honestly, a stroke of ecstatic female brilliance. Also, the release is also pretty much confirmed with retailers set to debut the footwear on the 7th of February this year.

Air Jordan 1 Jester

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