Over 3 Decades of Air Jordan 3, The Air Jordan 3 Tinker NRG

Air Jordan 3 Tinker NRG

Tinker Hatfield is the designer of behind the incredible line of Air Jordan 3 and Jordan Brand has found the perfect way to pay tribute to the talented man. Jordan Brand has announced a new Jordan release 2018 called Air Jordan 3 Tinker NRG. A sneaker that has been designed and released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield
Size Run:Mens
Color: White/Fire Red/Cement Grey-Black
Style Code: AQ3835-160
Release Date: March 24, 2018
Price: $200

Jordan 3 fans have a new sneaker to celebrate and one that commemorates the beginning of the Jordan 3 selection. Sneaker finders will definitely love this particular sneaker for it marks the 30 years of well designed, all rounded, great mark of the Air Jordan 3 selection.

The sneaker’s design draws inspiration from the original Fire Red, but with a few modifications and upgrades to make it more trendy and comfortable than its predecessor.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield

The kicks are expected to be unveiled in Los Angeles among a few more new Jordan releases 2018. Although it will be one of a few other releases, the Air Jordan 3 Tinker NRG will be a bit special. It will be a celebration of greatness, history, and legacy. One that Air Jordan has held and maintained for 3 decades.

The sneakers will be released on the 24th March and will be available on select Nike stores and online. The retail price tag on the sneakers will be 200 U.S dollars. This will be a small price for so much character, history, and legacy. This is not to say it doesn’t have the Air Jordan 3 colorful designs. This sneaker is everything you want in kicks, not just a great looking sneaker but also a story behind it.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield

While Tinker’s original design included a swoosh running across and a Nike logo on the top, this never came to be. The Fire Red never included this design, settling down on a more simple, aesthetic design. However, now the successor does. The black swoosh is particularly the most notable feature of the Air Jordan 3 Tinker NRG and it looks rather good. It makes the sneaker look glamorous and gives it character. A Character it much deserves.

The sneaker also has a few more notable features such as a grey mudguard, black elephant prints and the icing on the cake is the unmistakable Tinker signature on the tongue.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield

Much of this design has been added on to give it the unique character. Air Jordan has also gone ahead to announce that these designs are much of what Tinker had designed and planned for the Jordan 3.
Among the many sneakers expected from the Jordan Brand in their releases of 2018, every sneaker finder and particularly Air Jordan 3 lover will want to add the new kicks to their collection.

Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield

While the Fire Red edition was impressive, it lacked character and seemed a bit dull. Well, the new Jordan release 2018 is everything that the Fire Red was not. It is everything that it was, and everything that it lacked.

This special edition sneaker is both impressive and practical in every way and the fact that it goes to celebrate the Air Jordan 3 three year anniversary just makes it special to every Jordan Brand fan.

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