Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS; New collection

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

This April, Jordan Brand has announced they will be releasing an array of sneakers under Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS line. Some of the best sneakers from Air Jordan have been found exclusively in this women’s collection and sneaker finders are all excited about some of the new sneakers Jordan release 2018 brings.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold
Size Run:Womens
Color: Sail/Metallic Red Bronze-Gum Brown
Style Code: AH7860-105
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Price: $175

A while back Jordan Brand announced the release of a sneaker dubbed “Metallic Red Bronze”. A low Air Jordan 11 Low. This sneaker caught the attention of many as it redefined the meaning of comfort and luxury. The sneaker integrates two of the most fundamental characteristics of a great sneaker, that is, comfort and great design.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

The sneaker is one that many sneaker finders are eager to see get released this April and with Jordan Brand setting the date on April the 13th, they won’t have to wait that long. The countdown is definitely on for most sneaker lovers who love the Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS new collection and/or the “Metallic Red Bronze”.

The dubbed “Metallic Red Bronze” sneaker is designed to be the last word in comfort with its material and with the color theme being centered towards looking natural, it is undoubtedly one of Air Jordan’s head turner. It has already garnered a lot of talk among Jordan fans as one of the best Jordan release 2018, especially in the women’s collection. A clear indication of its popularity even before its release.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

It is no secret that Nike has increased its emphasis on women sneakers in recent years to give them a unique shopping experience. This has led Nike to design and releasing some of the best women sneakers in the world. Sneakers that conform to Jordan Brand’s earmark but also speak to the most feminine part of a woman.

The new Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS will definitely be one of those sneakers that are every girl’s dream and every girl must have. And of the sneakers that will be leading in popularity is the “Metallic Red Bronze”.
This luxurious sneaker is expected to set you back $175. A price that sneaker finders will find fairly generous. It will be available at all Nike stores and online.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

These sneakers are everything a sneaker lover and especially a feminine sneaker lover would want as they go into Summer. The collection gives great choices for every preference and taste. With their unique designs tailored to women’s liking, every girl’s sneaker dream will come true.

Looking good over the Summer with sneakers could not get easier for Air Jordan lovers. This collection will offer kicks for everything, from athletics to just hanging around on a Friday night.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

We expect Jordan Brand to continue expanding their variety and releasing more collections. This will offer women more offerings that are exclusively designed for their needs and taste. This market is one that is ever growing and one that Jordan Brand, unlike other brands, has recognized and decided to fully invest in. With their continued commitment, women sneakers will be as big, if not bigger, than men sneakers.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS Rose Gold

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