Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Yellow Ochre” The best of the line up

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Ochre

Air Jordan 1 Retro 2018 Spring collection is extensive and exclusive of anything and everything sneaker finders will be looking for. In their latest news, Jordan Brand has announced the release of a new sneaker dubbed OG “Yellow Ochre”.

This new release will be an addition to Jordan Brands Spring collection that has seen Jordan Brand release some of the best sneakers of the year.

The dubbed “Yellow Ochre” will have the similar look as the ” Black toe” sneaker only replacing the Red color parts of the “Black toe” replaced with a yellow color. A look that is working out perfectly in the new sneaker.The sneaker welcomes some Retro styling with Nike wings on the ankle and leather upper.

The sneaker will still have the same “Black toe” style blocking. As for the OG, the tongue of the sneaker will have a Nike logo. The shoe combines a Yellow, White and Black color theme. A three colorway theme, much like most Air Jordan 1 Retro sneakers to be released in April.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Ochre

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Ochre
Color: Summit White/Black-Yellow Ochre
Style Code: 555088-109
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Price: $160

This sneaker’s styling is completed with a White midsole and Yellow outsole.

The new “Yellow Ochre” design makes the sneaker another classic of the Jordan Brand look, one that is loved and celebrated by many sneaker finders. For a Jordan release 2018, the sneaker is going to be a big success both for the Spring and the year.

Jordan Brand has announced the release of the sneaker late to be into April or at least by 1st May 2018. The date is yet to be confirmed by Jordan Brand but whatever it is, sneaker finders will be all ears and eyes to make sure they pick up their pair once they drop.

They are expected to cost $160 in retail and will be available in select Jordan stores, they will also be available on the Nike online stores for the whole world. This price tag is one that is more than fair and one shared among the latest Spring collection releases. Unlike one of the sneaker that shares the same features “Clay Green”, the dubbed “Yellow Ochre” will not have a limited release.

Unfortunately, Jordan Brand is yet to release official pictures of the new release, with most Jordan fans are eager to see what the sneaker looks like they have to settle on photoshop pictures that represent what it will look like.As the release date nears, we hope that Jordan Brand releases pictures of the sneaker to the much anxious fans with more details of the design information.

Until then, we just get to look at what creative minds have come up with and hope that Jordan Brand is on the same line of thought. If their release is like what we have seen recently in photoshops, then the sneakers will land with a bang!

The dubbed “Yellow Ochre” sneaker will make a great addition to the Air Jordan collection and a great sneaker to wear in the Spring. For a Jordan lover, the sneaker is a must-have. It is truly a great sneaker to have.

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