Nike Air Force 1 Low “Love”

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

Nike’s latest release is one that has been designed and inspired by none other than Ruba Abu-Nimah. She is a woman that inspires success and influences with her vision. She is most notable or having been the first creative director for ELLE Magazine. This position has led her to travel the world and understand trends.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love
Color: White/Bright Crimson
Style Code: AR5432-167
Release Date: April 9, 2018
Price: $120

Ruba Abu-Nimah has now expressed herself by designing the new Nike Air Force 1 Low, the sneaker that has been dubbed “Love” will be a message from the creative designer and Nike themselves, luckily the message comes in a universal language we all understand.

The sneaker has also been largely influenced by the 1984 postage stamp as it bears its colors.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

The new Nike Air Force 1 Low comes dressed in White and Bright Crimson with green, blue and yellow detailing.

The word “Love” comes embodied on the heel of the shoes. This comes as a message to all sneaker lovers to be compassionate accepting and to treat all people equal. This is a message that has been spread in words and writing but becomes a first to be said through a sneaker.

Swooshes, linings, tabs, and laces have bright colors to make the sneaker aesthetic with the leather upper coming in white colorway and the midsole also being white.

The use of the colors and the design of the sneaker is one of an artistic expression. She has used the sneaker to further her course of compassion and mostly equality among people.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

The sneaker is expected to release on the 9th April 2018. It will be available in select Nike stores and online for the world. However, sneaker finders have to keep in mind that this is a limited release and as soon as the limited edition is on sale, they will be flying in sales.

For this, the dubbed “Love” sneaker lovers should mark the 9th of April on their calendars and get ready to get the sneaker as soon as it hits the shelves. The retail price is expected to be $ 120 USD. A fair price to get access to Ruba Abu-Nimah’s mind and see her incredibly creative work.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

Contrary to rumors that the sneakers will only be for women, Nike has announced that the sneaker will be available in both men and women’s size. Giving equal opportunity to both genders to grab their pair.

Ruba Abu-Nimah is well known seeing her accomplishments in her career, she also knows streetwear and understands what is on trend and what not. This knowledge and experience are what she combined and mixed up with a strong message of Love to create a creative and aesthetic sneaker.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Love

The new Nike Air Force 1 Low is going to be the latest Nike release 2018 and though it joins a whole lot of releases of the year, it comes with a special message from a special person to everyone in the world.

Every sneaker lover will want a pair to add to their collection for that one day when you feel loved or want to spread love yourself. The new Nike Air Force 1 Low is truly iconic and carries a genuine mark of uniqueness among all sneakers.

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