Nike Flyknit Trainer “Whitegum”. Same deal, new look

Nike Flyknit Trainer

Nike keeps dropping their Nike Flyknit Trainer collection and the fans keep loving them. Now a new look emerges in a white and gum colorway. Nike Flyknit Trainer sneakers are always ideal for the warm season and the launch of the new colorway couldn’t pick a better timing for this. The release of this colorway will not be a first from Nike but rather this will be a comeback of the original colorways.

Nike Flyknit Trainer

Nike Flyknit Trainer
Color: White/White-Gum Light Brown
Style Code: AH8396-102
Release Date: April 19, 2018
Price: $150

The first Nike Flyknit Trainer was released back in 2012 specifically for athletes and it was quite popular for its undeniable stealth and durability. The athletes that used the sneaker gave it praise and Nike fans were eager to see the same released for customers. However, this didn’t come true, at least not until now. Now Nike has improved the sneaker and given it a new look and new name.

The new Nike Flyknit Trainer dubbed “White Gum” for its colorways will be dressed in White and gum with the upper Flyknit coming in all white. The midsole will share the same color to give the sneaker’s upper Flyknit a match. To provide contrast, the rubber outsole will feature a gum color. This difference is what makes the sneaker conspicuous, unique and popular.

Nike Flyknit Trainer

Accents and branding have been done with white throughout the sneaker. The clean, match and contrast sneaker is ideal to rock on any day and every day that the sun is out and you want to take a stroll down the street or park.

Nike has announced that it will be releasing “Whitegum” on the 19th of April, it will be available in select Nike stores and online. With most of its counterpart sneakers with the same design but different colorways selling out, the new Nike Flyknit is expected to fly out of shelves. For those who have missed out on popular colorways like “Oreo and “White Black”, this will be a great way to get in on the action. Fans of the Nike Flyknit Trainer, dating back all the way from 2012 can also get a piece of the action. But only if they play fast after the official release.

Nike Flyknit Trainer

To get a pair of this sneakers, it will cost you $ 150 USD. A great price for a summer wear sneaker and a go anywhere sneaker.

The new “Whitegum” dubbed sneaker is a great sneaker that was once the sneaker of choice for many athletes back in 2012 and while it might have been missing a few key consumer-oriented features, its successor has ensured that it is tuned to perfection.

The sneaker offers comfort, luxury and just like its predecessor, stealth, and durability. There couldn’t be better words to describe a perfect sneaker, especially one to rock on during the summer.

As you prepare for summer, be sure to include “Whitegum” in your plans. They will be perfect for every sunny day, running day and even that evening walk by the park. They deliver on Nike’s promise of quality, durability, styling, and comfort that Nike is built on. This sneaker is one of the best sleek runner sneakers that Nike has released.

Nike Flyknit Trainer

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