Air Jordan XX8 “Locked and Loaded”

Air Jordan XX8 Locked And Loaded

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals saw Ray Allen make a spectacular 3 pointer shot that saw the San Antonio Spurs lose to Allen’s team; the Heat. All this happened with only a few seconds on the clock making the game one of the most iconic and personal best of Ray Allen’s career. Those few moments when the ball was dangling around the ball was the most anxious few minutes NBA fans have had to endure and when the three-pointer was in, it seemed something like a miracle, like all Ray Allen’s training throughout his career was intended to make him make that one shot. It was nothing short of magical.

Air Jordan XX8 Locked And Loaded

Air Jordan XX8 Locked And Loaded
Color: Black/Metallic Gold-White
Release Date: May 12, 2018
Price: $200

This incredible performance has inspired Nike to release their latest Jordan release 2018. The Air Jordan XX8, which has also been nicknamed “Locked and Loaded”. This sneaker joins the Champion Think 16 collection. A select collection of sneakers that have all taken inspiration from incredible performances. For Ray Allen, this will be the first sneaker in his name and what an even they have chosen to commemorate. On top of having a Champions mark, the Air Jordan XX8 is among the most good looking sneakers of its collection and will definitely be a head turner once released.

Taking a closer look, the new Air Jordan XX8 will have a metallic, gold, black and white color theme. An extended ankle support, which can also be folded down. The extended ankle is one of its major signatures, one that all sneaker finders will be keen to note. However, the most notable feature is the number 9 highlighted on the lateral side, number 5 also appears on the opposite side. The numbers are in celebration of the total points the Heat won over San Antonio Spurs; 95. Points won deservingly by the team with Allen’s incredible contribution right at the end of the game.

Air Jordan XX8 Locked And Loaded

Jordan Brand has announced its release date to be May 12th, 2018. A date that gets closer with every passing day but one that seems not to get here any faster for sneaker finders. The new Jordan releases 2018; Air Jordan XX8 will be a popular sneaker among sneaker fans and especially those who love extended ankle support. Once released, the sneakers will be available in select Jordan stores and online. They are expected to cost $ 200 USD in retail price. A rather fair price for so much styling and legacy.

Air Jordan XX8 Locked And Loaded

When Ray Allen made the three-pointer, every NBA fan was in praise. He had made his mark in the loved game and his contribution would be remembered forever. Now, with Jordan Brand’s release of the Air Jordan XX8, will be sure not to forget it. It takes every fan of that moment bringing back all the exciting feelings. It is also not a sneaker just for NBA fans, because of the great styling even sneaker fans are relating to it. The sneaker is a must-have for your collection, especially if you have a Champion Think 16 collection. The new Jordan release 2018 is one we hope will continue to feature for the coming years.

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