Nike Air Force 1 High “Rude Awakening”

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude Awakening

The Nike Champions Think 16 collection has seen some of the best Nike releases 2018 come out on the same line. All of which have a great story behind them. Their inspiration has come from the very best NBA games and players. Now Nike has announced the release of yet another well-inspired sneaker. The new Nike Air Force 1 High, nicknamed “Rude Awakening”. Sneaker finders and NBA fans will be pleased to know that it takes its inspiration from Rasheed Wallace and his performance in the 2004 NBA finals. After taking an elbow to his chest In that game, Wallace went on to dominate in that game by turning his anger into passion.

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude Awakening
Color: White/Blue Jay
Style Code: AQ4229-100
Release Date: April 26, 2018
Price: $130

His incredible performance led the Detroit to a win against the Lakers. In that game, he put in 26 points and pulled down 13 rebounds. This was not a great game for him and Detroit but was also a game to b remembered for a long time to come.

The new Nike Air Force 1 will be dressed in the White and Blue colorway. The upper leather patent is White with Blue accents covering the swoosh, midsole, and heel. One of Wallace’s favorite quotes “Ball don’t lie” is embodied on the ankle straps. This is a unique signature that gives the sneaker that character that Wallace portrayed in the game. It also has the number 16 on the inner tongue, this represents the number of games played for the Larry O’Brien trophy. The year 2004 is also marked on the laces which marks the year that he was wronged and awakened.

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude

The sneaker will notably come with two sets of laces and straps each in the packaging.

The new Nike Air Force 1 is expected to release on the 26th April 2018 and will be available in select Nike stores and online. Given it is much like the dubbed “Art of a Champion” sales are expected to rocket as everybody gets their pair. To get in on it and get your pair, it will cost around $130 in retail price and for sneaker finders and NBA fans, this is a worthy shoe. It is well designed, giving it a luxurious and elegant look and it also has a legends mark. A mark of winning even when people try putting you down.

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude

When Wallace was elbowed in that game, it seemed like the tone of the game had been set. It was certain he and the Detroit team would be pushed over and end up losing the game. However, Wallace was determined to prove that pushing him would have consequences and not the kind that would end up in a full-blown fight but one that would have him smiling at the end of the game.

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude

He turned his anger into passion and delivered one of the most entertaining and well-deserved win of the season. His true character was shown and the new Nike Air Force 1 has boldly taken up this character. It has been designed to embody Wallace’s nature and character during that game and Nike couldn’t have done a better job. The new sneaker will be a great hit among NBA fans and a must have for sneaker finders.

Nike Air Force 1 High Sheed Rude

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