Nike LeBron Soldier 12 coming from

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

The latest sneaker news coming from Nike is that they will be dropping a new Nike LeBron Soldier 12. The sneaker that will be making the latest Nike release 2018 for the month of May release, has been making headlines just before its debut for a few reasons. The first and main reason it has caught many sneaker fans attention and is making sneaker news days before it debuts and just after Nike announced its release is because it seems to pretty much borrow the Yeezy 2 and specifically “Platinum” which released back in 2012.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

Nike LeBron Soldier 12
Color: Light Bone/Light Bone
Style Code: AO2609-002
Release Date: May 31, 2018
Price: $140

The Yeezy 2 was part of the Kanye West Nike line and now seeing its colorways appearing on the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 has raised a few eyebrows from sneaker fans.

The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 just like the Yeezy 2 comes dressed in a Neutral colored upper with metallic gold branding. Red is used on the trim of the bootie to provide contrast and with a gum rubber front the two sneakers although not identical have a subtle difference. The resemblance is highlighted by the red ring on the bootie, the gum rubber in front of the outsole, and the colorway that dresses the upper. Now although the Yeezy 2 was released over 10 years ago, it is unlikely that Nike was hoping sneaker fans wouldn’t note and would be hardly surprised that the new Nike LeBron Soldier 12 is making sneaker news.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

Now with this release, it seems that the Kanye West Nike line and the Nike LeBron line will share something in common. One that is accredited to Kanye West and the team of Nike involved in the designing of West’s second signature sneaker from 12 years ago.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

No official word has been received on why the new sneaker is almost identical to a sneaker from over a decade ago and whether maybe Kanye West was involved in the designing of the sneaker. However, what Nike has not been shy to share is that the sneaker will be releasing on the 31st of May 2018, making it one of the latest Nike release 2018. For sneaker fans who would love a pair of the new Nike LeBron Soldier 12, they will retail at a $130 USD price tag, which is just under what the rapper’s signature sneaker cost. So, if you didn’t catch the sneaker back then, now you can get a pair, just under a different signature line.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

Although sneaker news of the Soldier 12 borrowing most of its designs from another sneaker has been all that is talked about, this does not take away the fact that the new Nike LeBron Soldier 12 is a great sneaker and although much of it is from over 10 years ago, it still looks good, it is still a proper sneaker to rock on in 2018. What the LeBron line has basically done is brought back a classic, one that we can still relate to 10 years later and under LeBron’s line, that just makes it better. Now Nike fans, LeBron fans, and Kanye West fans can own a piece of one of Nike’s greatest and after all, isn’t the Nike label what matters most.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12

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