Air Jordan 10 Westbrook 2018 Release In June 30th

Air Jordan 10 Westbrook

Sneakers date back in the 18th century. Generally, sneakers describe a footwear type with a flexible sole made out of synthetic material or rubber. It all started with plimsolls which were rubber shoes that were very uncomfortable. The name sneakers came about from the fact that you could sneak up on anybody since they were so silent. Originally, they were made for basketballers. That however was not the case for so long since people started wearing them as fashion statement. In the 80’s Michael Jordan went into a contract to wear air Jordan that become the best-selling shoes of all times.

Air Jordan 10 Westbrook

Air Jordan 10 Westbrook
Color: White/Black/University Red-Hyper Royal
Style Code: 310805-160
Release Date: June 30, 2019
Price: $190

Sneakers are worn by basically everybody today. From kids to teens to grown-ups. Ladies even tend to prefer wearing sneakers these days more than heels since they are comfortable and convenient to walk around in as compared to heels. There is a wide range of sneakers variety that are purposed for different occasions. This is both in the sports and entertainment world. Most of them are worn casually with jeans and t shirts. There are however very many ways of styling the sneakers which even make them to increasingly become popular.
They come is so many designs e.g. High tops, mid cuts, sneaker boots, mid cuts just to name a few. Nowadays there ere even unisex sneakers that can be worn by both male and female. They come in a wide range of colors too.

Innovation due to competition enables the sneakers change their looks and their performance over time. At the moment the sneakers market is oversaturated hence it becomes hard to choose one from the other. However, the Jordan are still on the top of their game since in these saturated markets they are still the best choice for many people all over the world and they are still receiving more new fans. There are a number of Jordan series released since the basketball shoes. The requirements never seem to change as the brands continue to expand.

The sneakers news states that the latest Jordan series is to be released in June 2018. People literally can’t wait for them to be out. The Jordan release 2018 are called Air Jordan 10 Westbrook and are a part of the NBA air Jordan pack. The sneaker is printed class of 2016 in the insole which marks the period when Westbrook graduated. They are to pay homage to Him during his time in Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California. The sneakers have some unique features. These are white leather on the upper side. Red and blue colors on both sides of the laces. The sole is also parted down at the center in the same blue and red striped color schemes.

It is likely that they are going to be a hit just like the rest of the Jordan in the other years as usual. For now we just sit and wait for them to be released. Last month’s edition was a hit and most definitely Junes edition will also be a hit

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