Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low

Tired of looking for a decent shoe? Here it comes to you, a beautiful shoe which gives you nothing to get hyped up about. When it comes to the matter of comfort, it definitely takes a win. I’m talking about the Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoe which is Michael Jordan’s third signature shoe for playing basketball. This is a great shoe for those who play basketball as it has a great support and nice cushions. In fact, it fits your foot perfectly well making you to absolutely need no break in time why in the court.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low
Color: Black/Black-White
Style Code: AR0043-001
Release Date: July 1, 2018

As July is about to get you still looking and searching for the best basketball shoe, there comes with it a release on Air Jordan 3 shoe which bears the same similarities as to that 2007’s classic. It has on its heel’s surface a light sail and a graphic print of an elephant toe.

Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoe gives a sense to a performance basketball shoe as it has on it the signature model. It has the best ventilation since it has tiny holes all over its upper face and due to its great cushion which has the full length zoom air bag it makes the front part of it be bouncy and its back has the capacity to counter act landings that are heavy and weighty. Jordan Why Not Zero.1 has on its any surface a superb traction in that; it can be used outdoors due to its solid rubber in its sole surface.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Low

You might be wondering what makes Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoe to be that heavenly and above all, to be the every basketball player’s taste and preference; well this is because of its good fitted support on its ankle surface, its factor to be easily broken in, its durability due to its best quality, it is light when it comes to weight and its potential to run true to size. Not only does Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoe has these features but it also does not get crease, it has variety of cool colors and it is very easy to clean this shoe therefore, making it to stay clean for quite a long time without getting stressed on cleaning it.

Jordan Why Not Zero.1 has a very original look due to its fitted technology based on performance like a full length unit for air zooming, it also has been constructed in a way similar to that of a bootie and its internal laces have been fitted with a front toggle which gives you a very customizable fit. This technology has ensured that the feel and the fit are perfect making you to perform with a standout style.

Why Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoes be made with this kind of a performance technology? This is to ensure that lockdown has been enhanced due to the hook-and-loop system of strap, to ensure sock-like fit is comfortable due to the construction of the bootie, to maintain durability and traction since it has been fitted with an outsole which has a solid rubber, it also allow you to have a locked-in feel in order to make you to take off on the court with much ease since it has been a heel bucket which has a molded Phylon
which is compressed.

Get to be a champion with Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoe, get the best heavenly feel of it.

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